Play Based In-home Parent Training

With each of the three skills below (you could choose just one or all, per your needs) we start with a quick phone consultation to determine more precisely what’s going on and what could use adjustment.  Then, we bring a behaviorist to your house to play STEAM based games with your child. In their own comfort zone, we teach them to follow simple instructions, consistently reinforcing good behaviors and systematically addressing less desirable ones.

The parent will first observe and then take part, using the skills they acquired in our free course with guidance from the behaviorist.  You then spend the rest of the month practicing the way we modeled for you. At the end of the month, we do a follow-up phone call to confirm what worked and what could be tightened up even further.

TL;DR Version: We work with your kiddo on each of these skills and then show you how to take over to give you the skills to continue practicing (and increasing expectations) over the course of a month with a follow-up consultation to confirm the knowledge.

Skill Modules



(we could all use some more “good listening” am I right?)

Many behavioral terms sound harsh and clinical; this is one of them.  In compliance training, we’re not trying to turn your kiddo into a robot.  The goal is to increase good listening. Counter-intuitively, most kiddos who seem to, actually have no trouble with good listening and following directions.

What often happens, especially with the smart ones, is that they will use their big brains to test ways to avoid directions.  If the parent isn’t completely consistent, each successful attempt will reinforce such avoidance and before you know it, you’re stuck with a kiddo that appears not to understand how to follow directions.


(tricky subject, but I’ve got a plan!)

Sharing is an essential social skill that is quite hard to teach; especially in households with only one child. The kiddo has to somehow learn to stop playing with a preferred toy or activity and--with almost no incentive to do so, if you think about it--hand it over to a peer.  This goes against every basic instinct and can be very hard for some kids (and adults!) to deal with.

Turn taking

(imagine how much smoother your commute would be if every parent focused on this!)

Similarly to the sharing skill, turn-taking is not a naturally ingrained behavior. Anyone who’s ever traveled outside of the country will have caught on that the tendency to form good lines (or cut them!) seems to vary with the culture of the locals. Given it’s such a complicated process for adults, how should we expect our kiddos to do well without strong support?  (spoiler alert: we shouldn’t!)


The Business Side



Whoever said “the best things in life are free” clearly had never heard of wine.

The cost for each individual module is the same with a discount for purchasing the entire set.

Here’s what you get:

·    up to 30-min preliminary phone consultation

·    1 hour in home behavior skills training

·    up to 30-min follow up phone consultation and debriefing

Price: $250 per module, $600 for all three

Feel free to do just one module and see how it works for you, of course we’ll retroactively apply a discount if you decide to do all three.

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